Letting the light in

A combination of bad weather – and the closure of direct access through Grosvenor Bridge Road – is reducing the number of pedestrians and cyclists using the route up to the canal towpath as an alternative – traffic-free – way into town.


It’s getting rather muddy!


There are diversions in place because of massive trenches being dug in the area to access faulty electrical cables. While continual heavy rain has also churned up a sea of mud on the inclined route up to the towpath.

This is the pathway which – along with the towpath from this point and on into Sydney Gardens – that B&NES has grant money to spend on improving.

The work – which has not started yet – has to be underway by the end of March if funding is to be available.

Nat Cross at work on hedge laying.

While we wait for that to start one local man – with knowledge of agricultural ecosystems – has braved the elements to begin work on a traditional country craft – which will help revitalise the natural world around this important pathway.

Please click on the video below to hear what Nat Cross is up to.