Goodbye to the Harvester

Contractors have almost completed the job of demolishing the old Harvester Restaurant that sat at the London Road junction with the old Gloucester Road.

Demolition work getting underway.

The pub/restaurant complex was built in 1998 but closed in 2007/8 and has remained boarded up ever since.


It will be making way for the construction of a collection of retirement apartments with on-site parking spaces.




  1. Do you know if there has been any progress on the proposed footpath link from the site to Larkhall Square please (behind the Coop and over the brook?)

    1. I contacted Cllr Rob Appleyard – who is the Lib-Dem member for Lambridge – who gave me the following quote:
      ‘It’s unlikely we will get any progress on this as the developer and council are not putting this as a priority. There are still conversations going on and Transition Larkhall is also putting pressure on all parties to keep this possibility alive. The Environment Agency also have a say in this and it is their reluctance to support a bridge over the Cam that scuppered the attempt some years ago.
      In essence, there are still obstacles and although conversations are on-going, there doesn’t seem to be a clear way forward.’

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