Keynsham’s mini museum

Relics from Keynsham’s past are to be displayed locally for the first time thanks to funding from Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Ward Councillors’ Initiative Programme.

Cllr Charles Gerrish, Cons. Keynsham North

Cllr Charles Gerrish has decided to contribute his allowance from the programme to pay for a showcase to display rare, historic and unusual artefacts from the town in the new Civic Centre in Keynsham.

The case has been made to museum standards, so that sensitive objects can be displayed in the correct environment.

Cllr Gerrish (Conservative, Keynsham North), said: “I believe it’s really important to connect local people with their past, which is why I decided to use some of my ward member allocation to buy the showcase. There are many fine and interesting objects from Keynsham, but until now we’ve not had anywhere suitable to show them off. The new Civic Centre now gives us that opportunity.

keynsham civic centre
The new One Stop Shop and library at Keynsham Civic Centre

We hope to display objects relating to Keynsham from museums and other institutions, but we’d also like local groups or associations with something interesting to show or a story to tell to contact RomanBaths_Enquiries@BATHNES.GOV.UK or call 01225 477779 if they would like to present a display in the case.”

Amongst the first objects to go on show is a medieval ‘Green Man’ head from Keynsham Abbey. These enigmatic images first appeared in the 5th century AD in Christian sculpture and have been used in religious art and sculpture ever since. They are often assumed to be pagan in origin.

The Council also hopes to display some of the exceptional Roman remains found during the excavation of the Roman Villa at Durley Hill Cemetery and at the site of the former Cadbury chocolate factory at Somerdale.

The Ward Councillors’ Initiative Programme makes funding available funding for one-off projects with demonstrable community support to improve the social, economic or environmental wellbeing of a ward.