Where has our carousel gone?

This isn’t good enough Bath Christmas Market. You certainly help empty festive shoppers’ purses into the city’s economy at this time of year  – and in a colourful and vibrant way – but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the kids.

The carousel in place for Christmas 2014.

The carousel – those wonderfully carved traditional gallopers –  that was installed at the Roman Bath’s end of Bath Street each year – offered light and movement and something special for young people in the magical  run up to Christmas.

This year’s view looking down Bath Street towards the Cross Bath.

This special spot is duller for its loss and replacement this year by yet another pub – however temporary.

Tourists need things to do at night too. What the city offers – at this time of year – is a lot of after-dark magic with lights and atmosphere. Please bear that in mind.

The fine tree in Abbey Church Yard.

The Abbey Church Yard tree is the best specimen in years.

It’s also good to know Bath Abbey will have at least two shining brightly inside this historic church on Christmas morning when the BBC will be doing a live broadcast!

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  1. I so agree! Bath isn’t Bath either without its wonderful carousel! Such a shame it also sets such a lovely atmosphere for both the market children et al!

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