Update-Bath artists on Belsen walk.

Richard White  has sent me an email l am going to reproduce in full:

Greetings walkers, supporters and friends!
(apologies for any cross posting)
We are now a few days ahead of leaving for Germany and completing the last phase of the Forced Walks; Honouring Esther project. Lorna and I leave early Sunday morning and then some intensive meetings and checking out the route before we are joined by other walkers for the walk on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 February.

The idea is that this is a performative walk and part of that element is via social media and the wordpress blog. A summary of how to access the walk live, is attached with an approximate times in the running order. This is an opportunity for you to engage in the walk too and we welcome your comments and contributions on any of these platforms.

If at this late stage you are moved to join us on foot do let us know and if you are thinking of doing a parallel walk, let us know and try to document it in some way.

In the end, much of this will be presented online as part of a project archive.

Join us on foot or online…attached is how to do the online element.

How to follow and join the Honouring Esther walk. live.
without walking!

  1. if you have a twitter account log in… if not, no worries!
  2. go to Social Hiking http://www.shareyouradventure.com/
  3. Social Hiking will ask you to log in in via twitter so click the l log in with twitter button.

    …. that’s all you have to do, if you do not have a twitter account it still looks the same but you won’t be able to interact so easily:

a. you will see 3 columns

  1. on the left column, LatestMaps, when the walk is live on 4 and 5 Feb, you will see

    the current walk with the W alkNow icon and the word  LIVE o n it, probably at the top

    of the column

  2. click on the name of the walk and you will see a new green screen showing the line

    of the walk with little blue icons if you click on them they will show tweets and links to

    other social media!

  3. Logged into Viewranger via twitter, the map will update and you will see the walk

    grow over each day, it may do that without being logged in. It will appear as two separate maps, day 1 and day 2. There will be peaks of activity mainly in the mornings, see times below. Please tweet/retweet/comment and encourage others to do so!

We will be using @walknowlive and @forcedwalks f or the main twitter feed Facebook: forcedwalks
other social media links will be bounced through twitter and facebook please follow/share/like etc,

use and check out the following #tags #honouringesther #walknow

and the blog: h ttps://forcedwalks.wordpress.com/
you can also follow the walk by following me on Viewranger http://my.viewranger.com/user/details/277417

draft route map: http://my.viewranger.com/route/details/ODAwODI=

See route map to check locations

Day 1

approx peak times for live social network activity

live activity/theme

Garden centre (interior),

http://gaertnerei­zuehlke.das­gru ene­team.de/ Ovelgönne


meet, introductions, walker briefing, intervention 1 on theme of Bearing Witness

Highway just outside Oldau


intervention 2 : Inheritance

Oldau near start of Oldauer Weg track to Ovelgönne


intervention 3 : Justice

approx half way along Oldauer Weg track just before Am Obstgarten


intervention 4: Slavery

Junction of Oldauer Weg/Bahnofstrasse


intervention 5 : Resistance

Rathaus (inside?) /memorial stone


End of days walk. Reflection. Possible replay of intervention materials if weather is bad. Possible playing of material at memorial stone.

Further updates will follow on facebook etc and the blog in the evening

Day 2 Friday 5 Feb Winsen to Bergen­Belsen Memorial

Meet at hotel Hotel Jan Hinsch Hof (from 0900) and assemble at Rathaus/memorial stone


start of day notices and new walkers briefing

Waller Strasse/Oistingweg junction


intervention 6 : Indifference

L298 in the forest junction of unnamed track


intervention 7 : Exile

L298 edge of Walle just before junction with Am Kreuz


intervention 8 : Belonging

L298 in the forest


intervention 9 : Hope

Bergen Belsen Memorial outside and then inside


intervention 10 : Inheritance. To include Esthers statement for Anne Frank and reading or playing recording of Kadesh. Followed by reflections and possible Skype call.

Further updates will follow on facebook etc and the blog in the evening

Return to Tryp Hotel Celle

Our project to complete the Forced Walk: Honouring Esther is now in good shape for the walk in Germany on 4 and 5 February. We will walk the actual route of the death march from the site of the slave labour camp to the Belsen-Bergen Memorial, stopping as we did in Somerset in April at points along the way to listen to Esther’s testimony and other thoughts and sounds.

forced walk
Richard White and Lorna Brunstein who are leading the walk.

At those points we will share as much as we can of the experience via social media, and welcome online interaction with those who want to share it with us. We will gather sounds and images from those moments as we walk the route 71 years to the day that Esther did.

More detail on the web site here https://forcedwalks.wordpress.com/the-walk-in-germany-2016/
If you are thinking of joining us on foot it is time to make your arrangements and please contact us directly.

There will be a further briefing for those wanting to follow online soon.

We have spent a lot of time on logistics and fundraising and now it is time to focus on the art, with that in mind for those of you able to get to Bath we would like to invite you to an open conversation at 44AD Gallery, Bath on Sunday 17 Jan afternoon 16.00-18.00.

An opportunity to explore the issues and help us reflect on our practice as artists in this context. If you are thinking of joining us on foot, but haven’t decided, do come along. If you are able to make this please RSVP, thanks.

Our networking in Germany is taking off and it looks like we will have some great support and local walkers joining us. It may be that we will meet someone who saw the group of Polish Jewish women leaving the camp called Waldeslust. 71 years ago.

In Somerset we had Mayors and it looks like we will be met by the Mayor at Winsen at the end of day 1. This will be a powerful experience, whatever your involvement has been to date, you are making this possible. Join us on foot or online

Our contact list has grown during the crowd-funding phase, the contacts won’t go to anyone else but if you would like to have your contact details taken off please let me know