A-boards latest.

My spies tell me there could be an announcement from B&NES before Christmas regarding the proliferation of A-boards in the city centre.

Hard-pressed businesses are obviously looking for every way to promote themselves, but the lines of A-boards are getting out of hand.

Two narrow passages in Union Street for people

Your Director took this picture in Union Street on Sunday last. The stalls on the left are always there, but someone has set up shop in the middle of the hanging basket array and – with a line of A-boards on the right – there are just two narrow passages for peopple to walk through.

It’s a real obstacle course for everyone with the risk of boards flying off in the high winds we have been experiencing and a lethal array for people with sight issues.

More like Fort Knox.

While we are on the subject its good to see new businesses arriving but the old Phones4u stores now looks like the entrance to Fort Knox and even the street sign advertises a run-down feel.

New business coming to town

While we are on the subject of street litter – these sticky-backed plastic posters being laid on our streets are just another version of graffiti and should not be allowed in a World Heritage city. Words – at this point – fail me.

More street litter in a World Heritage city!