Bath Beecher’s Brook?

Is this really what we want to see in a World Heritage city?
Is this really what we want to see in a World Heritage city? Click on images to enlarge.

I have not picked a particular city-centre shopping street – to lay blame at any individual shop door – because this is a widespread ‘problem’ and affects many areas.

The Virtual Museum is getting complaints again from its followers about A-boards and how they are obstacles – especially to those with sight issues.

Is this Bath's version of Beecher's Brook?
Is this Bath’s version of Beecher’s Brook?

While some of those with perfect sight also complain about ugly street clutter.

In one pedestrianised area the boards spread across the street like athletic hurdles – or maybe it’s more like the notorious Beecher’s Brook jump at Aintree Race Course..

One person also pointed out to me that a board had been tied to a marble column on a listed building.

There is no escape from them.
There is no escape from them.

Now l am always aware of economic fortunes and high rents and can appreciate how important it is for business people to promote their presence but the situation does seem to be getting out of control again.

I have asked B&NES for a comment and am still waiting.

Maybe one of our elected councillors would like to take this matter up.