Flying the flag.

Bath's Christmas lights 2015
Bath’s Christmas lights 2015

Well, the Christmas chandelier-styled lights are once more strung across Milsom Street waiting for this year’s celebrity finger to press the ‘button’ or ‘pull’ the switch.

However, as we count the days to our seasonal illuminations – there is one recent decoration gracing this premier shopping location that hasn’t gone down too well with Bath and North East Somerset Council.

The black flags that Jolly's want permission to go on flying.
The black flags that Jolly’s want permission to go on flying.

I have to admit l am no fan of the black flags that have adorned the front of Jolly’s Department Store now for many months. Some say they look funeral – whereas, for me, l am just reminded of a bunch of fanatical and cruel terrorists stoking the fires of war in the Middle East.

One of the Milsom Street banners.
One of the Milsom Street banners.

Whatever my opinion, seems B&NES weren’t actually approached to give planning permission for flag poles and flags to grace the front of the store.

So the House of Fraser applied for planning permission. It is termed as being ‘retrospectively – which means after the event.

The Council has since refused that application and the House of Fraser is now appealing against that decision.

It’s fair to say the street has seen other flags and even promotional banners are strung across it from time to time.

I have approached the House of Fraser for comment, but none has been forthcoming – so far.