Local MP welcomes Government pledge on new homes.

Bath MP Ben Howlett has welcomed the announcement by the Housing Minister Brandon Lewis that the Government plans to see one million new homes built over the next five years but says he’ll be campaigning to ensure construction takes advantage of the city’s brownfield sites and does not encroach on the greenbelt.

Bath MP Ben Howlett at the brownfield Foxhill development site.
Bath MP Ben Howlett at the brownfield Foxhill development site.

The commitment comes shortly after Brandon Lewis launched an expert panel who will help to streamline the local plan making process for Local Authorities.

This will provide greater clarity to communities regarding plans for new homes and infrastructure in their area, while also speeding up the planning process so developers can get to building on sites quicker.

Following the announcement, Ben Howlett commented, ‘It is great to see that this new Conservative Government is committed to build new homes for families across Bath and the UK.

A key part of my 6 point plan was to see more affordable homes in Bath and using brownfield sites is vital for this to happen. Allowing everyone the opportunity to own their own home is a core message of this Government, and one I wholeheartedly support.

‘I will also be continuing my campaign for more investment into regeneration of brownfield sites to ensure development does not encroach on Bath’s beautiful greenbelt, something that sets our city apart from all others across the UK.

‘I am currently in the process of getting onto the property ladder myself, so I understand the difficulties that people face with finding genuinely affordable homes. I am therefore delighted that the Government has made this pledge and I am looking forward to seeing these one million new homes by 2020.’