Referendum for elected mayor to go ahead.

Bath and district will get to vote on whether or not it wants elected Mayor.

B&NES has given notice today (September 7, 2015) the petition it has received for an elected mayor for Bath and North East Somerset has reached the amount of valid entries legally required to begin the process for holding a referendum.

The Council has notified the organiser of the petition today that the total number of valid petitioners has met the statutory number set out by the Local Government Act 2000.

Explaining the referendum plan to a Bath citizen.
Explaining the referendum plan to a Bath citizen.

It is anticipated that the referendum will be held early next year. Further details of the referendum process will be announced in due course.

In assessing and verifying the petition dated August 7, 2015, the Council followed the strict guidance set out by the regulations.

These require the Council to check each entry individually against the current register of electors. As a result of this detailed checking the Council established that there were 6818 entries which matched the electoral register and 2789 entries which did not.

The total number of valid entries required to validate the petition was 6,437.

Recent campaigning in Bath.
Recent campaigning in Bath.

In order to be a valid entry each person must be on the local register of electors. Everyone signing the petition is required to provide their full first name, surname and address and the date on which he or she signs the petition.

The petition will be available for members of public to view at the Electoral Services office at the Guildhall, High Street, Bath, during normal office hours and free of charge until August 8, 2021.

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  1. So another bureaucrat (and staff) taking a bite out of the budget whilst telling us how to live our lives? We need more people doing stuff, making stuff, fixing stuff, not sitting on meetings and claiming expenses. We want less Government not more.

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