Rail brackets and ho ho ho.

Rail services resume.
Rail services resume.

As of Tuesday, September the First, it was good to see passenger traffic back in direct operation on the Bristol to London line through Bath.

The track from the spa city through to the other side of Box Tunnel has been closed for six weeks while some stretches of rail had been lowered and many others treated to new ballast and track as part of Network Rail’s programme of electrification.

True to their word contractors were able to re-open the line  but l also noticed what l thought was evidence of things to come.

A hook for a cable-carrying post?
A hook for a cable-carrying post? No – it was part of a measuring device looking for movement in the wall.  Click on images to enlarge.

There will obviously be more disruption when the posts to hold the power cable are erected and – once the design of posts and barriers needed in historic Sydney Gardens is agreed – the actual electrification programme will be a much more obvious change to the railway Isambard Kingdom Brunel originally created to run through Bath.

More hooks in place on the railway retaining wall.
More hooks in place on the railway retaining wall.  The arrow points to one of them. Click on images to enlarge.

What l spotted today – on the retaining wall through the former Georgian pleasure park – were brackets fixed to the wall.

Are these to hang the cable-carrying posts? No! Devices for measuring movement in the wall during track re-laying and due to be removed.

The next Network Rail public drop in session is being held in Bath’s Guildhall on September 8th at 4pm until 7.30 pm.

The flag of B&NES - l think!
The flag of B&NES – l think!

Meanwhile B&NES – time to invest in a new flag for the Guildhall post.

Let the Christmas orders begin!
Let the Christmas orders begin!

Your current offering was spotted hanging by one cable a few days ago!

And with autumn officially due to start on September 22nd l spotted an official public notice advising of a planning application for the annual wooden chalet Christmas Market and also an A board on the High Street promoting Christmas meals.

Let the  good times begin. Ho ho ho!