Free Art & Performance at Museum of Bath at Work

Artist,  Julie McCalden
Artist, Julie McCalden

Bristol-based artist Julie McCalden has camouflaged an entire display room at the Museum of Bath at Work within a contemporary, but traditional, wallpaper pattern.

From floor to ceiling, the surfaces, furniture and artefacts are all bathed in a busy grey and silver damask in a new installation – Working from Home.

Working from home depicts the living space of an early 20th century worker, from a time when the most impoverished of families would have eaten, slept and lived in a single room.

 Now you see it - now you don't! An example of Julie's work.
Now you see it – now you don’t! An example of Julie’s work.

On Sunday August 2nd – from 2pm – artist Julie McCalden, Museum Director Stuart Burroughs and the Halfpenny Theatre Group are collaborating to present and explain the artwork with guided tour and talk by the artist and a theatrical reading by actors, inspired by the installation. The event will be free and will last around an hour.

The Museum of Bath at Work.
The Museum of Bath at Work.

Director Stuart Burroughs said ‘Having a large artistic installation at the museum is a new departure for us and we were delighted when Julie approached us with the idea.

The Halfpenny Theatre Group have been involved since the start and it seemed quite natural to have the artist, myself and the actors to each give our perspective, in our own way, on the artwork. It really is quite something and we are only doing it once, so blink and it’ll be gone!’

For more details contact Stuart Burroughs at the Museum of Bath at Work on 01225 318348 or