Nearly there in Rossiter Road!

Works on Rossiter Road in Bath are nearing completion; on Friday June 5, west-bound A36 traffic will be switched onto Rossiter Road, restoring Widcombe Parade to a local high street. On Sunday June 7, all work will be suspended and Widcombe Parade closed to traffic for the Widcombe Street Party.

Following the party, Bath & North East Somerset Council’s contractors ERH will return to finish the scheme – this will include:

Widcome Parade area
Widcome Parade area

· Surfacing Claverton Street/Lyncombe Hill junction w/c June 8; this will require a single night closure for westbound A36 traffic, with signed diversions.
· Completion of paving on Claverton Street up to Lyncombe Hill, with a new ramp with signal crossings, by mid-June.
· A new puffin signal crossing at the east end of Widcombe Parade will be commissioned and switched on w/c June 8.
· The pay and display car park will be re-opened by mid-June.

Once this highways work is completed, landscaping and tree planting will be undertaken. Following scheme completion, there will be a ‘snagging’ process, where any construction faults are corrected.

This scheme aims to transform Widcombe Parade into a more pleasant environment for shoppers, pedestrians and cyclists as it takes A36 through traffic, including HGVs, away from the Parade. The permanent changes to traffic flow on the A36 include:

• Rossiter Road will become two-way from a new signal-controlled junction on Pulteney Road in the east to a new traffic signal-controlled junction at the west end of Widcombe Parade.
• Widcombe Parade will become one-way eastbound for local traffic with a 20mph speed limit.
• Pulteney Road (south) between Rossiter Road and its junction with Widcombe Hill and Prior Park Road will become two-way for local traffic with a 20mph speed limit.
• A double mini roundabout will form the junction of Pulteney Road (south), Widcombe Hill, Prior Park Road and Widcombe Parade.
• Eastbound A36 Rossiter Road traffic lanes from Churchill Bridge will remain, but the offside lane will become a right turn lane for local traffic to access Widcombe Parade, Prior Park Road and Widcombe Hill, at the new signal-controlled junction at the west end of Widcombe Parade. Cars and small vehicles will also be able to use this right turn lane to access Lyncombe Hill.
• Westbound A36 Rossiter Road traffic will use a length of newly-constructed road at the new signal-controlled junction at the west end of Widcombe Parade to continue on to Churchill Bridge or turn left into Widcombe Parade.

Improvements for pedestrians include:

• A new toucan crossing east of Ha’penny Bridge providing a crossing point to access Widcombe Parade.
• Existing pedestrian crossings opposite the Ha’penny Bridge have been upgraded to puffin crossings with new ramps and steps in the central reservation.
• The existing pelican crossing at the east end of Widcombe Parade has been upgraded to a puffin crossing.
• New courtesy pedestrian crossings with road narrowing and markings are provided on the junctions of Widcombe Hill and Prior Park Road to the east of Widcombe Parade and two new courtesy crossings are provided in the Parade.

For cyclists improvements include:

• A 20mph speed limit within Pulteney Road South, Widcombe Parade and neighbouring residential roads, helping make cycling safer.
• A new westbound cycle lane on the southern footway on Widcombe Parade.
• Direct two-way cycle connections between Lyncombe Hill/ St Marks Road and Widcombe Parade on a new section of shared pedestrian-cycle off carriageway route.
• New lockable cycle stands on Widcombe Parade.

There are also improvements for users of public transport, including:

• New bus stops, equipped with raised platforms and real time travel information.
• A new inbound stop for Widcombe shops on Pulteney Road South near the canal bridge, with a second inbound stop on Claverton Street, west of Lyncombe Hill, for the station.
• A new outbound stop at the east end of Widcombe Parade next to the puffin crossing, replacing the stop near the bottom of Prior Park Road.

For your information:

Zebra crossings have black and white lines that go across the width of the road, flashing amber beacons and zig-zag lines on the road.

Pelican crossings have traffic lights. Puffin (Pedestrian User-Friendly Intelligent) are similar to pelican crossings, but have sensors on top of the traffic lights which detect if pedestrians are crossing slowly and can hold the red traffic light longer if needed. These do not have a flashing amber light as part of its sequence and phase like normal traffic lights.

Toucan crossings allow cyclists and pedestrians to cross. There is no flashing amber light and they phase like normal traffic lights. These are normally found near parks or cycle lanes.