Gainsborough to get July opening.

The Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel
The Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel

Bath’s newest 5-star hotel – the Gainsborough Bath Spa – is finally due to open this July.

That’s according to Martin Clubbe – the man who has already been appointed General Manager to run it.

The Virtual Museum noticed the hotel now has an impressive web-site up and running.

You can check it out on

Behind this Grade 11 listed Georgian facade – in a building originally constructed as a hospital for Bath poor – will be 99 luxury guest rooms and suites and the only natural thermal spa within a hotel in the United Kingdom.

The images on the website – l was not allowed to use any of them at this time – really do give you an idea of just how opulent the interior will be.

The Gainsborough's proposed Spa Village Pool
The Gainsborough’s proposed Spa Village Pool

An artist’s impression of the spa facilities is though already in the public realm. The website says the hotel’s Bath House will allow guests to ‘take the waters in luxury’ – ‘tapping into the original Roman Bath springs.’

The luxury hotel joins what is now known as the ‘Spa Quarter’ of Bath and sees an historical building saved for the future.

It’s owned by YTL – a Malaysian-based company that specialises in luxury spa resorts and which now manages the Bath Therma Spa and owns Wessex Water.

The new display featuring coins from the Beau Street Hoard.
The new display featuring coins from the Beau Street Hoard.

The new Gainsborough is also the site of the discovery of the Beau Street Hoard – a wealth of coinage – covering the whole four hundred years of Roman occupation – found deliberately hidden under the floor of a Roman villa discovered by archaeologists checking out an area scheduled for the hotel’s extension.

Some of the coins are now on display at the Roman Baths nearby.