Bath’s history man

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Another little bit of self-promotion – but who is going to do it if l don’t.

I have to thank Sarah Ford – Assistant Editor of Somerset Life Magazine – for the excellent article she has written about ‘Yours Truly’ for this months (March) edition.

I appear to be part of a special ‘look at Bath’ which certainly illustrates why this is such a lovely place in which to live or of course visit.

Apart from having to endure an hour with me and take down my idle chatter she also managed to upstage Bath Abbey by putting me in front of it!

I am sure the Rector will let me off this time around.

It’s not until someone asks you about your working life – and also why you now have such a passion for the World Heritage city you live in – that you actually stop and take stock of how far you’ve come along a winding road of experiences but hopefully one with a horizon still to aim for in the distance.