Planning move on Harvester site due by end of January.

The new sign at the old Harvester
The new sign at the old Harvester

Looks like things are finally moving on finding a solution to the dereliction that was the old Harvester Inn site at the junction of the London and Gloucester Roads.

A year ago this month l was voicing concern about the effects of vandalism and decay upon the complex.

However, just recently a board has been erected announcing that the land has been acquired for ‘retirement apartments’ – subject to planning.

It’s my understanding an application for planning permission could be submitted for consideration by B&NES within the next ten days.

The old Harvester Inn on the Gloucester Road
The old Harvester Inn on the Gloucester Road

If they get it the developers will be offering a collection of 17 one bedroom and 33 two bedroom modern retirement apartments available exclusively for the over 70s.

There will also be 31 on-site parking spaces for homeowners’ use with 2 additional guest parking spaces.


The pub/restaurant complex was built in 1998 and – l am told – was very popular with families.

It enjoyed a busy corner near the junction of the old A46 and A4.

However, the complex closed in 2007/8 – a victim it would seem of dwindling custom when the new Batheaston Swainswick Bypass moved all the passing trade further up the London Road.

Ever since then it has been boarded up and – despite the appearance from time to time of proposals for a home for the elderly or demolition and new housing – the old Harvester has gradually but inexorably been sinking further and further into dereliction.

The old Harvester Inn
The old Harvester Inn

Where there was just litter and ugly graffiti you can also now see how the ravages of time and wet and windy weather has pulled down guttering and blown off and smashed roof tiles.

However this development may now bring new hope for a property that has just been part of a foreign property company’s international land-bank.