Bath’s little box of treasures


victoria gallery A little Victorian jewellery box. It’s a pretty good description of Bath’s Victoria Art Gallery – designed  by John McKean Brydon and begun in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Year (1897-1900)

It may be small but its collection is impressive. I took up the challenge to get in the festive spirit by joining one of the Gallery’s special candlelit tours.victoria gallery

It was led by Phoebe Meiklejohn-McLaughlin who is the Museum Exhibitions Assistant. Yes l know – her name is as long as her title!

Phoebe used her sense of humour to bring many of the pictures in the upper gallery to life in an atmospheric and cosy stroll around the four walls.

gallery victoria There was about a dozen of us enjoying the free experience of a much more personal tour.

Obviously with so many precious things you are not getting real candle-light but little battery-operated flickering candle-shaped devices were carefully arranged and were certainly doing the trick and creating a warm and welcoming effect.victoria gallery

There are two more tours this side of Christmas. Wednesday, December 10th and Friday, December 12th – starting at 17.30 and 18.15 each evening and free!