Victoria Bridge fully back in action by middle of this month!

victoria bridge
A new approach being created for the refurbished Victoria Bridge. Click on images to enlarge.


Some welcome news for people waiting to hear what the  official opening date for the refurbished Victoria Bridge will be.

Bath’s own suspension bridge across the River Avon was built by local engineer  James Dredge. It opened in 1836 to provide transport access to his brewery and currently it has been undergoing a major refurbishment to ensure a safe and sound future.

The leader of B&NES Council, Cllr Paul Crossley tells me : ‘Victoria bridge will reopen on the 1st December following the successful removal of the Mabey truss.

This will be a partial width opening to allow pedestrian and cycle access but works to the balustrades on each side will continue.

The contract completion to finish all works is the 17th December.’

Victoria Bridge nearing its official  refurbished completion.
Victoria Bridge nearing its official refurbished completion.
Cllr Paul Crossley Leader, B&NES
Cllr Paul Crossley
Leader, B&NES

I think most people will agree the contractors have made a good job of renovating this unusual structure too.

The bridge has been given a new lease of life and is now a central feature for the riverside residential development going on alongside it.

It also brings back a much-needed cross-city link for cyclists and becomes an attraction in its own right for those being encouraged to use the new riverside pathway that passes beneath it on the former industrial side of the river.