Keynsham Civic Centre opens in October

With Keynsham’s new Civic Centre due to open next month, Bath & North East Somerset Council is inviting the Town Council to consider managing the new outdoor public space being provided within it.

They are hoping local councillors will see it as an area that could be used for events like farmers’ markets, community activities and other promotional gatherings.

The new Keynsham Civic Centre
The new Keynsham Civic Centre

Councillor David Bellotti (Lib-Dem, Lyncombe), Cabinet Member for Community Resources, said: “Bath & North East Somerset Council wants the outdoor public space at the new Keynsham Civic Centre to be used for community activities.

“We see this public space as providing a focus of activity for residents which creates opportunities for local farmers, businesses and voluntary organisations to promote and sell their products and services. We are making an offer to Keynsham Town Council to manage this opportunity because they are in the best position to know their local organisations and work up the best offer for residents.”

Keynsham Town Council is considered to be well placed to manage the local events calendar as it has a clear understanding of the needs of the local community and local economy. This opportunity will also allow greater flexibility for the local community to develop new ideas for future events.

Bath & North East Somerset Council is asking Keynsham Town Council to provisionally accept the proposal in principle – on the shared understanding that further discussion and negotiation needs to take place regarding the management and potential expenditure and income generation for the Town Council.