Proud link to the past.

The official Coat of Arms for the City of Bath
The official Coat of Arms for the City of Bath

An article on the city’s coat of arms – ‘A Call to Arms’ – on the Virtual Museum website went down well with one local resident. Michael J Hare emailed to say: ‘Thank you Richard. As someone who has lived all my life in Bath [67 years] it has saddened me over recent years to find our proud Coat of Arms being lost.

The old King Edward's School in Broad Street.
The old King Edward’s School in Broad Street.

The city is still here and should always retain its proud link to the past, and that should always be linked to The original Coat of Arms.’ Meanwhile Sally Helvey points out another coat of arms you can view if you look up at the old King Edward’s School by Thomas Jelly 1752  – sadly still standing empty – in Broad Street.   ‘Next time you are passing the former King Edwards junior school in Broad Street, look up at the coat of arms high up on the pediment. It is quite badly eroded but you will notice that both the bear and the lion are definitely looking down. This is the only place in Bath where they are not depicted in their normal upright stance. But ssssshhhhhh….. :-)’ Sally also has her own ‘secrets page’ on Facebook –