Pavement publicity.

Gull mess on the pavement.
Gull mess on the pavement.
Human 'mess' on the pavement
Human ‘mess’ on the pavement

We are quick to moan about the mess Bath’s gull population leave on our pavements but nothing is said about the human defacements continually underway on the pedestrians ways lining our central and tourist-heavy areas.

Yet another ‘event’ is getting pavement publicity every few yards along Stall Street. On a wall this would be graffiti. Does it become something else underfoot?

This is stencil graffiti. It’s been used by other organisations in Bath in recent years to grab the public’s attention.

I am not sure you can read this current fluorescent  image very well but l have been assured it is eco-friendly and chalk-based.

That isn’t the issue for me. I have two points. The first is the mixed-message it gives out to youngsters about street daubings.

If it’s seen to be ok to use stencils on pavements then it appears to be giving a green light to others who may be armed with less eco-friendly stencil paints and less-focused intentions!

The second point is the additional mess imposed on our streets – already filled with posts and signs and litter and gull mess.

The Virtual Museum would happily promote this artistic event if the organisers send in a press release!