A blot on the landscape.

Barry Cruse and his wife getting rid of the tarpaulin.
Barry Cruse and his wife getting rid of the tarpaulin.

I have to say Barry Cruse – chairman of the Bath in Bloom committee – is an agile man with a steady hand!

I caught him stepping gingerly between a newly-planted circular flower bed in Bath’s Parade Gardens to remove the tarpaulin covering the latest sculpture to be unveiled in this riverside garden of floral delights!

The story of its official unveiling – and the artist who designed it – is covered elsewhere on the Virtual Museum site.

The reason l am featuring these images here is as a result of a conversation with Barry this morning.

Whatever your views on contemporary art l was applauding the fact that – at this rate – the gardens could soon be classified as a sculpture park!

A blot of the park landscape?
A blot of the park landscape?

As someone who wants to see more public art in this city – that is not a bad thing in my humble opinion.

Then both of us turned to look at the ugly block of a structure at the bottom of the ramp onto the gardens – and directly behind this new sculpture.

I think it is an electricity sub-station. It is certainly something that must not be covered in any way so is an obvious eye-sore.

What a shame a way cannot be found to remove the ugly structure completely from the gardens.

It is a blot – however necessary – on the landscape!