Gone with the wind?

You know l like badgers – l also like public art. I enjoy discovering it in my adopted city. Bath hasn’t been blessed with many examples from the past that are easily accessible.

A younger Peter Logan © Fi Mcgee
A younger Peter Logan
© Fi Mcgee

nails One more recent piece that should be rescued from the overgrowth that is consuming it is Peter Logan’s ‘Nails’ – which was commissioned by Homebase in 1987 for the riverside edge of their site near Greenpark Station.

Peter, who was born in 1943, has made kinetic sculpture since 1968 – using wind, electricity and solar power to provide movement for his works.

Nails is a wind mobile structure made from lightweight aluminium.nails

The lower nails rotate on a central pivot allowing the sculpture to face into the wind.

The upper four nails have been balanced to rest horizontal in still air and the pressure of the wind upon the surface of the nails causes them to turn.

In a good breeze the sculpture will reach a height of 41 feet and will come to rest at 31 feet if the wind completely drops.

This work is lost in the bushes.The whole site is due for development. Let’s hope this sculpture is both protected and given pride of place.

It leads on to other more recent riverside art work being installed as part of the Western Riverside development.

We want more, more and more!