Roman road at Claverton Down

Nice to hear from local historian and writer  John Branston about an interesting discovery at Claverton Down. In an email to the Virtual Museum he says:

The exposed Roman edging  exposed at Claverton Down.
The Roman road edging exposed at Claverton Down.

‘Thought you might like to know the following. A friend lives at Chedworth Close, Claverton Down, and it’s widely known that the Roman road from Bradford comes in along the strip of land between Chedworth Close and the woods.

Last week, National Trust works to create a new path surface uncovered one of the kerbs of the Roman road.

On Sunday three of us got the trowels out and exposed a few more, plus a little of the ‘surface’. Actually the surface flag stones are gone, but the rest is in good shape.
Thought you might like to go and take a look. Maybe B&NES and the National Trust could start a project to reinstate a 100m section of road? Beyond the Baths, our Roman heritage is not very evident…’