Weir-side balustrade inspected.


More damage on the balustrade.
More damage on the balustrade.

Erosion affecting the Bath stone balustrade fronting Pulteney Bridge, Weir and the Parade Gardens has become very evident this year with temporary boards being placed across the most severely damaged parts to stop children or dogs falling through!grand parade

This is one of the principle tourist destinations in Bath. The spot where our thousands of annual visitors stop to admire – and photograph – the bridge, weir and river.

It was good to see some B&NES officials out this morning – Friday, June 6th – inspecting the structure with the intention of assessing what needs to be done.

Council officials inspect the balustrade at Grand Parade
Council officials inspect the balustrade at Grand Parade

This was once the site of fulling and corn mills on either side of the river.

Newmarket Row was widened in 1890-95 to create Grand Parade and its long Tuscan colonnade of thirteen bays below, next to the weir.

It was designed by Charles Edward Davies – who also put up the old Empire Hotel nearby (1899-1901).

colonnadesThe Council has plans to develop the Colonnade below and is hoping to attract some top-end restaurants so that area can be opened up again to the public.

Meanwhile l am hearing that whatever work needs doing regarding the balustrade and its eroding Bath stone – it won’t be happening this year.

It’s going to be a skilled – and expensive – job to make good the damage – caused by the weather, traffic pollution and even salt from road grit.