Temporary halt to plans for loo change-over

A slight hiccup in council plans to turn the city’s public conveniences over to a private company to run – as the long-term proposals to modify the service hit planning problems.

The existing facilities in Sydney Gardens
The existing facilities in Sydney Gardens

Under plans developed in conjunction with the Council’s contractor Healthmatic, many of the area’s public toilets will be redeveloped with a 20p charge introduced and capacity reduced from 14 urinals and 94 cubicles to only around 30 cubicles in total.

However – according to a spokesperson for the contractors:

“Healthmatic has temporarily withdrawn two of the planning applications – for Sydney Gardens and Alexandra Park – as the proposals for ancillary use of space within the toilet buildings did not meet technical planning policy requirements (regarding change of use to retail).

Healthmatic will be re-submitting revised applications for the two sites which focus on the planned improvement of the public toilets.”

Conservative councillors are warning of queues for the public loos if Bath and North East Somerset Council presses ahead with plans which would see the number of public toilet cubicles reduced by up to two thirds.They are asking for the public to be consulted first.