Reclaim the city

Dancing in Stall Street
Dancing in Stall Street. Click on images to enlarge.

Last night saw the launch of this year’s International Bath Music Festival with the usual Party in the City.

Venues across the centre open their doors to give local talent a stage to show how culturally and artistically vibrant this place is.

Stall Street closed!
Stall Street closed!

I  must say I applaud them for their efforts – and B&NES for organising the whole thing.

Having mentioned our local authority l now have another suggestion that follows on neatly from this.

Part of the logistics for last night’s well-supported city happening was to close Stall Street to traffic.

Steel band music from King Edward's School pupils in Stall Street.
Steel band music from King Edward’s School pupils in Stall Street.

Suddenly the place was alive with people walking unhindered and able to stop and enjoy the pockets of entertainment they encountered on their journey through this traffic-free zone.

It felt like the city had a heart again. A community –  along with our very welcome tourist visitors – assembled again and able to observe and inter-react in a non-stressful environment.

We need this to be created more than once a year. Why cannot street closures be enforced on Sundays during the summer.

Why must all the good ideas be delivered down the road in Bristol?

Come on Bath.