Campaign to get flag for Bath takes new direction!

Mike Watts, Guildhall Market trader
Mike Watts, Guildhall Market trader

The campaign to get a flag for the City of Bath has hit a bit of a problem. Turns out the city has already got one and it will be fluttering from one of the the Guildhall flagpoles on May 18th to celebrate Charter Trustee’s Day.

Close-up of one of the City of Bath flags bearing the city's Coat of Arms.
Close-up of one of the City of Bath flags bearing the city’s Coat of Arms.

This rather shocking turn of events came about when the Virtual Museum called in for a chat with the leader of Bath and North Somerset Council. Cllr Paul Crossley – who is also a Charter Trustee!

Your Director has now seen the flag. It’s the city’s Coat of Arms on an off-white background. The colour was chosen to show off the insignia to maximum effect from its lofty perch on the flagpole.

All this is going to be news to Mike Watts is a Bath-born businessman and well-known as a spokesperson for his fellow traders at the city’s famous Guildhall Market.

Mike has three stalls selling everything from cafe refreshments to fancy dress and flags of the world.

It’s this last product that had him all fired up at the moment.

He was convinced there is one very important flag  missing from his international line-up. Let’s first remind you of his point of view before getting a response from the Leader of B&NES.


Please click on and play the video interview with Mike below.


Well the good news is Mike that a little trip next door to the Guildhall and an appointment with Cllr Crossley might well set you on your way to fulfilling your dream. Nothing seems to stand in your way of reproducing the city’s Coat of  Arms but it would be another matter if you wanted to change the background from white to pale blue.


Let’s hear from Cllr Crossley.



Just to remind you. The City of Bath flag will be flying over the Guildhall again on the 18th of this month! We’ll let you know if Mike decides to reproduce it!