New homes for old. Curo plan for Foxhill

foxhillThe Virtual Museum of Bath has been up to St Andrews Community Church at Combe Down to join the many people interested in seeing the first public showing of the Masterplan for Foxhill. It’s all part of the major regeneration scheme proposed by housing group Curo for the old MOD site.

The MOD site at Foxhill.
The MOD site at Foxhill.

It is hoped that – once planning permission is given – work can quickly start on creating new homes and community facilities.

Beyond that Curo hope they can also replace up to 500 sub-standard homes on the old post-war Foxhill housing estate and have issued a guarantee that no one will be worse off by what is planned while many will benefit.

Do click on the box below to see an extended interview with Curo’s Chief Executive, Victor da Cunha.



The exhibition at St Andrews continues tomorrow Saturday April 12th between 10 and 4 otherwise checkout from Monday next.



  1. So what happens if the people who own homes don’t want to accept Curo’s offer? I notice he ducked your question about market values. Will CPOs start being thrown around?

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