Green flood defence working well

New ‘shaped’ landscaping which has been incorporated into the residential development now taking place at Western Riverside in Bath has been proving its worth in an even more important way.

Tiered floodwater catchment area.
Tiered floodwater catchment area. Click on images to enlarge.
Cllr Paul Crossley Leader, B&NES
Cllr Paul Crossley
Leader, B&NES

The tiered grassed area is already a popular sunbathing spot during the summer but in winter – and with the torrential downpours we have been experiencing – it switches to its more vital role as an overflow area for the engorged River Avon.

It’s an idea the local authority wants to repeat elsewhere along the river bank to help protect the city centre from flooding.

The Virtual Museum of Bath has been talking to the Leader of B&NES, Cllr Paul Crossley about this and other ways the River Avon – through development schemes along its banks – can be reintegrated with the World Heritage city it flows through.