Summer 2015 misery for Bath rail users!

Bath Spa rail station
Bath Spa rail station

If the current weather conditions weren’t making it difficult enough for many rail users – if you’re a Bath commuter maybe it’s time to make a note of another lengthy period of disruption – but this time it’s being deliberately planned for the not-so-distant future.

We’re looking ahead to the summer of 2015 and an estimated period of six weeks when the main line to London from Bath and Bristol will be blocked.

It’s all part of the multi-million pound electrification programme which Network Rail have started rolling out along this heritage trackway to the capital – originally constructed by Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel..

sydney gardens
The London line through Bath’s Sydney Gardens.

From mid July to the end of August – 2015 – Box Tunnel between Bath and Chippenham will have to close while the 1.83 miles of track inside is lowered to make room for the pylons and overhead power cable that will have to run through it.

At the same time people using Bath’s historic Sydney Pleasure Gardens will be able to watch workmen doing major excavations on the stretch of line that passes through the park. That has to be lowered too.

Bath and North Somerset Council are in discussion with Network Rail about long term planning to try and ease the disruption this major improvement to the line will bring.

The Authority’s Leader, Cllr Paul Crossley has been talking about what will happen – and how they will deal with it – to the Virtual Museum of Bath.