Pavement poems and yellow blobs!

Pavement poetry in Milsom Street
Pavement poetry in Milsom Street

Nice touch – l think – at the New Bond Street end of Milsom Street where poetry has been etched into the paving stones to be read and enjoyed by those with time to look down at something other than a smart phone.

Not too sure what’s been going on a little further up the street though – on the other side of this smart thoroughfare. Some sort of repair has added a big blob of well tamped tarmac.

Roman - or more recent?
Roman – or more recent?

Sticking out from its edge is a slab bearing part of an inscription. Is this another little slice of Roman history that has been inadvertently revealed or part of a more recent artist’s intervention that has not managed to survive intact.

Maybe someone can fill me in on that?

Scaffolding enveloping the Roman Baths
Scaffolding enveloping the Roman Baths

Meanwhile a growing mesh of scaffolding continues to creep across the Georgian face of the Pump Room and the edifice that is the Victorian entrance to the Roman Baths.

Much roof work to be done we’re told and l would like to know more about the conservation or restoration work that will also be undertaken.

Would love to have been able to say welcome to the first splash of Springtime yellow spotted in the city.

However, it’s not a host of golden daffodils lifting the spirits in a city park but the generous provision of yellow signs warning motorists about street closures ahead of the half marathon on the week-end of March 1st/2nd.great pulteney street

great pulteney streetI know B&NES always defends its early annual street display of notices on the grounds of a solid defence in court against anyone who says they didn’t know they couldn’t park their cars – but l really think the sheer spread of yellow blobs is a bit much!

Just as the first trickle of this year’s tourists arrives with cameras at the ready – they are faced with yellow blobs at regular intervals throughout the impressive and historic length of Great Pulteney Street.

The March 2nd event is eagerly awaited by competitors and benefitting charities alike – l just wish there was a better way of managing its implications.