Out of sight?

Bath's hidden 'litter bin'
Bath’s hidden ‘litter bin’

Not the easiest of places to keep clean l suppose but having a basement area exposed to the elements – to enable light to reach down to the lower windows – does have its drawbacks.

Pear over the balustrade and you'll see where the dropped litter is hiding!
Peer over the balustrade and you’ll see where the dropped litter is hiding!

I am talking about Bath’s imposing Georgian Guildhall where I couldn’t help but notice that the Victorian extensions appear to have become a bit of a ‘dropping zone’.

The basement areas are hidden from general view – unless you lean over the stone balustrade and peer down into them.

This is probably why that particular architecture detail seems to have created an ideal place to toss a bit of litter without anyone pulling you up for just dropping it on the pavement.

Time for a clear up maybe?