Old soldiers……

no bike parking sign Well l was going to have a go at B&NES for being so un-cycle-friendly in posting notices on its Guildhall railings threatening fire and brimstone if you dare to chain your bike to their civic fencing – and then l saw a miracle.bike stands

Another line of cycling parking hoops on the pavement outside. You are forgive. I will happily use the new parking facility.

The more genuine bikes that do so – the fewer advertising-hoardings-on-wheels we will have to put up with.

bike rentalElsewhere – outside the Holburne Museum – the autumn leaves piles up against a solitary hire bike.

Never fear. The season is over but another notice informs us they will be back bigger and brasher than ever before next year.hire bikes

One little sadness tucked away behind a hedge in the Museum garden.

Some of the lovely lantern shapes – including a military chap – we saw paraded through town on November 28th.holburne museum

Well its one event we will have to wait another year to see again but meanwhile now we know where old soldiers go to quietly fade away.