‘Steam-Punk’ Christmas at American Museum.

american museumHaving been lucky enough to join members and volunteers at last night’s preview of Christmas at the American Museum l can certainly say that this year’s Yule-tide take is very different. If like me you are not too familiar with the expression ‘steam-punk’ you may like to pause and look up its definition as l did.

Try Urban Dictionary: steampunk.

So – taking that idea as a creative base – curator Kate Hebert and her band of willing helpers – decided to celebrate ingenious inventions throughout history with each period room dedicated to a different innovation from the crazy swim fins invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1717 to the swivel chair designed by Thomas Jefferson, who reputedly drafter the Declaration of Independence while sitting in his creation.american museum

I have been chatting to some of the volunteers and Museum staff.

american museumThe adults love the displays and all the decorations but there is an added extra to delight younger visitors. Professor Crank is having trouble with his time machine and pieces are dropping off wherever he lands.

So it’s up to the junior detectives to see if they can spot the cogs and levers that have fallen off in the Period Rooms.

The magnificent 17-foot Somerset grown Christmas tree that fills the Central Hall is smothered in handcrafted decorations and these ornaments offer inspiration to visitors year after year. P1060956

The Museum’s shops are also decked out in more than just boughs of holly with a vast assortment of Christmas gifts and decorations.

The Christmas Craft Fair at which local craftspeople will be selling their original handmade gifts is also happening from the 13th to the 15th of December. On Sunday, December 22nd Father Christmas will be at the Museum to help celebrate the last day of the Christmas festivities. More information about everything via www.americanmuseum.org