Bath Rugby Club’s Vision for the future!

bath rugby clubBath Rugby Club’s plans for a new arena at the Rec have finally gone on show. A 16,500-capacity stadium which would transforms facilities, increase ground capacity and open up a key stretch of riverside.

Artist's impressions of the new-look stadium
Artist’s impressions of the new-look stadium

On Thursday the club invited  local residents  – who live around the ground they’ve occupied for 120 years – to have a private preview.

While on Friday the plans were on show at the Guildhall for all to see and over the week-end on show  at the ground itself.

It’s the furthest the Club has got in its ten year old dream to transform outdated facilities at its historic home.

Now the Charity Commissioner and Rec Charity Trust are on-side there was one more hurdle to overcome before detailed plans can be submitted to the local authority.

Local residents reviewing the plans and three-dimensional model.
Local residents reviewing the plans and three-dimensional model.

The Club has also heard the ruling on  one private individual’s attempt to get the Rec scheduled as a ‘town green’ which would have scuppered any redevelopment plans. The application has been dismissed.

Proposed river frontage
Proposed river frontage

Now there will be several months of intense lobbying to get the public and heritage bodies on the Club’s side before the scheme becomes an official planning application.

Obviously this lengthy consultation period could result in some changes and probably com[promise on both sides!

The Club hopes  to have its new ground completed by the end of 2015 – which is also its 150th anniversary.

The Virtual Museum spoke to the Club’s Chief Executive.

bath rugby club

The Club is not saying how much it will all cost but the bill will be picked up and paid for by the Club’s owner, Bruce Craig.

The content of the exhibition boards and a feedback form will be available online at

Proposed West Stand
Proposed West Stand

Bath Rugby Football Club is one of the oldest clubs in existence, having been founded in 1865 by members of Lansdown Cricket Club looking for something to do in the winter. Tjhis is the reason why the club colours of the two clubs are identical.