Road tax for cyclists?

Good to know that work by Bath & North East Somerset Council on a new route to improve access from Bathampton and Batheaston to Bath city centre for walkers and people who ride bicycles has started.

The route also provides an alternative to the busy London Road for cyclists travelling to and from that direction.

The £910,000 investment in the new route will allow people to travel to and beyond the existing footpath which currently leads to the A46 to Grosvenor Bridge East, Bath.

The new path will be between the centre of Batheaston and the National Cycle Network 4 consisting of a bridge across the River Avon and a 3 metre wide path following the river across Council owned fields to link to Mill Lane, to Bathampton to join the NCN 4 on the Kennet and Avon canal towpath. Most of the work will be completed this year, with the remainder completed in early 2014.

The money for the project comes from a combination of Council funds and the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and Council that is being used locally to promote the use of key cycling and public transport routes, work with local businesses to develop travel plans to encourage sustainable staff travel, and a better network of cycle parking at businesses.kennet and avon

Such a shame the Council couldn’t find monies to join with the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust to improve the surface of the towpath from the George Inn at Bathampton and into town.

It is deeply rutted with lakes of water forming when it rains. There is no proper drainage and pedestrians – picking their way around puddles – are put at further risk from cyclists bearing down on them – some at great speed and many without bells.

There is room on much of the towpath to properly segregate bikes and people. I am a cyclist and find it frustrating that while people will spend a fortune on carbon framed bikes and full lycra gear with special cycling shoes and the latest camera-carrying helmet – they won’t spend a couple of pounds on a bell.

kennet and avon canalMaybe it is time to set speed limits and make it illegal not to have a bell! Maybe even a road tax for cyclists? Certainly everyone should be made to pass a road test.

What do you Virtual Museum fans think?



  1. Richard, I am a big fan of cycling, and you are right to promote it. But will you please try to persuade our fellow cyclists to obey the rules of the road, and to desist from cycling the wrong way along one-way streets, to cease from cycling on pedestrian pavements, (blatantly) through red traffic lights, etc. These behaviours make cyclists VERY unpopular with car drivers and pedestrians. Only then will the majority support you and your (excellent) cause. Best wishes, Tony Howell.

  2. To Northenrbike, I would say two things: yes, I agree with many of your sentiments, but two wrongs do not, and will never make a right. If you wish for sympathy for your cause, clean up your act. Tony Howell.

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