Babylon comes to Bath?

B5 CGICrest Nicholson has revealed its latest plans for Bath‘s Western Riverside development and – while the last of the city’s three gasometers will be losing its place on the skyline next year when it’s dismantled – there are two eight-storey buildings planned to make an impact of their own in that area.

Am l alone in thinking there’s a touch of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon here?crest western riverside

Certainly the Company say they have listened to people asking for some ‘Georgian-style‘ curves amongst the straighter lines on the old industrial riverside acreage and – while these are two very curvy blocks – the developers are also keen to go green on the structures with trendy garden walls promised in places on the tiered façade.

The buildings will also be set in amongst more greenery at ground level.

They will be residential with commercial usage – maybe cafes and the like – on the ground floor.

This is a quick Virtual Museum preview. A planning application will be formally made before the end of the year. The full details are now on-line at