A club for all!

You may think the sun had set on the last of the British Empire but you’d be wrong. There’s one little corner of this World Heritage city still bathed in the faint glow of Imperial glory – and that’s the Bath and County Club.

A modest little entrance in to The Bath and County Club.
A modest little entrance in to The Bath and County Club.

It had been created out of the amalgamation of two 18th century Georgian clubs called The York and The New which combined in the 19th to form a new establishment – very much based on the exclusive London clubs.

The Club's former Queen Square home
The Club’s former Queen Square home

It was also used as a sort of half-way house for those returning from civil service around the globe and looking for introductions and friends within society in the homelands.

Though such colonial activities have now been transformed by the introduction of the much more democratic Commonwealth, this little British bolt-hole has managed to keep going –  and still offering everything from black-tie dinners to bridge nights.

A well-dressed 19th century club member!
A well-dressed 19th century club member!

It had opened at one end of John Wood’s impressive and palatial-looking North facade in Queen Square but has since moved quietly around the corner into Queen’s Parade where the passage of time is also taking its toll on many a long serving member.

Special dinner held to celebrate the Club's expansion into Queen's Parade.
Special dinner held to celebrate the Club’s expansion into Queen’s Parade.

The Club wants to bring younger business people in to enjoy the benefits of it’s rather comfortable and cosy corner.

Not so much these days to talk about wars and the Raj but more to enjoy celebrity dinners, conferences, networking events – maybe even cabaret!

These are just some of the suggestions being made to secure its future.

The Virtual Museum has been talking to Nancy Wise who is an ex-BBC broadcaster herself and the first female Chair the Club has had.

What did she think of this idea that the Club was founded as a sort of ‘dating agency’ to help returning civil servants find wives?

The Bath and County Club currently lets rooms for all sorts of events.

With a fully equipped on-site kitchen they can cater for large dinners and receptions, conferences or other corporate events.

Full dining and reception service.
Full dining and reception service.

There is wi-fi and a video projection room – even a coil loop for those with hearing issues.

Somewhere to network!
Somewhere to network!

I am sure Nancy and the members would love to hear from you.

Check out the Club web-site on

www.bathandcountyclub.com The Club’s Email is secretary@bathandcountyclub.com or ring 01225-423732.