Cellar secrets

IMG_4861 A trip into a Bath chemist to buy a bar of coal-tar soap also – quite unexpectedly – plunged me deep into the city’s past!

Well it was more a case of stepping down into history – on the corner of  Burton and New Bond Streets – as l went down the stairs and into the basement of what is now the Lifestyle Healthcare shop.IMG_4855IMG_4857

Seems it’s a popular tourist destination as – apart from what’s for sale – there’s an amazing subterranean space made up of stone arched cellars which – l was told – were built over the original street level.

IMG_4856You can look up at the skylight built into the pavement above and also see where rain water on the street surface is fed down a pipe into the old drains.IMG_4858

A very helpful and enthusiastic young lady said people are welcome to come take a look. It’s certainly very atmospheric!IMG_4860

Above the cellar tunnels, an old sign on the shop wall is apparently what  hung on the exterior of the shop when it was a pharmacy in Victorian times.