Parking fee for cycles?

Bath‘s traffic problems are huge. You cannot make the roads any bigger so the sensible course of action seems to be to squeeze the cars out.

Maybe one day soon the City Fathers will be brave enough to follow Bristol‘s City Mayor and close down streets completely on certain Sundays of the month!?

When some of you have stopped seeing red at that suggestion – please read on…..

Meanwhile some effort has been put into making life more friendly for pedestrians and cyclists. The two more natural and green ‘modes’ of transport more fitting for this World Heritage city.

P1060082I am, however, getting very angry about cycle racks being used to advertise businesses. Two wheeled advertisement ‘boards’ blocking up spaces that genuine cyclists could use.IMG_3731

After the ‘curse’ of the A-frames in Bath’s narrow lanes we are now finding these public notices on wheels being chained to any secure piece of street furniture the owners can lay their hands on.IMG_4594

If you are not going to get these things removed dear City Fathers – then maybe you should start charging them for using the parking space.

IMG_4595You will find all of them carry a telephone number for you to call.

Please take action on this!!