Brown’s Folly

Just returned from Brown’s Folly – an Avon Wildlife Trust managed nature reserve on the Bathford side of the Avon valley.  

Fine views, bat caves and Bath asparagus to look out for.IMG_4550 IMG_4560

Look out for BMX bikes too and – if you do have room in your bag – pick up some of the plastic and coke tins others think it ok to throw down for Nature to deal with?

While on the subject, what is it now with decorating fences and trees with bags of waste materials.

Seems there is a developing trend to pick up your dog’s poo in a plastic bag  then hang it on a tree like a Christmas bauble!

In  the car park – leading to this nature trail – we saw a plastic carrier bag full of rubbish which had been hung up to dry.IMG_4582

Does whoever left it there think someone from the local refuse department will clear it away for them?

IMG_4583Come on folks. Take your rubbish home with you. You consumed the contents and created the empty wrappers  – it is your responsibility to deal with it. While – when it comes to dog poo hanging in trees – you need help!

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  1. Ditto for Cley Hill near Longleat today, Richard. We spotted little black ‘doggie bags’ deposited along the wayside and then suddenly I witnessed my friends doing exactly the same thing with their dog!! However, we were at the start of this ‘there&back’ walk, and they were quick to tell us they would pick it up on the way back and take it home – which they duly did (and always do). Cley Hill is another regularly used beauty spot which would benefit hugely from a dog litter bin. Alas, the National Trust do not offer a deterrent to poo-bag baubles by providing one. Just thought I’d share this with you! Kind regards, Sally Sally Helvey – 07836 25 25 69 …& follow the crowd to Bath’s

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