Give a bike a break

It’s good to see efforts made – at great expense – to try to dissuade motorists from clogging up city centre streets.

Other cyclists have been forced to chain their bikes to the Guildhall fencing because there is no room on the official stand!

Park and ride sites and the steady spread of the parking meter is doing its job in taking some of the pressure off World Heritage Bath.

However, efforts to persuade us of the value of cycling – in terms of cost and exercise – are slightly thwarted by the less-than-generous provision of bike parking places.

A token parking post outside the Guildhall is constantly occupied by bikes advertising local businesses.

While l appreciate how traders need to try every trick in the book to keep afloat, it does rob genuine cyclists of precious parking spaces. Other bikes are chained to the railings behind as there is no more room on this rack!