Laura lovely!

My thanks to Virtual Museum regular Sally Helvey for sending on the following photograph.
Sally tells me: ‘This is a photograph of a long-standing family friend, then named Linda Brennen, who modelled this for Laura Ashley at a Fashion Show in Fortes, Milsom Street in 1976.’
Now Linda has added her own memories behind that photograph.
“I worked as a window dresser and fashion show organiser over a span of nearly ten years in Bath.  I started as a Saturday girl in 1972 sweeping floors and clearing out the basement changing rooms which I will always remember to this day, especially the distinct musty aroma that swirled and danced among the swirling floor length cotton & lace dresses to the sound of Carole Kings ‘Tapestry’ playing on the Dansette in the corner!  
Another vivid memory are the queues of people who would gather around the block, and further on, during the Sale times……staggering !! 
I worked as a full-time window dresser/sales person in 1976.  I was fortunate enough to be picked as part of a new job-exchange scheme in Laura Ashley Holland for one month.  I worked in the Hague, Amsterdam and Utrecht – it was so cool!  
Laura Ashley Bath moved a few doors down to the original Old Red House Tea Rooms/Brillig.  Eventually, in 1985, I moved to London’s popular Covent Garden branch where I played out my last days with them before running 4 busy restaurants in and around London with my then partner .
I feel very proud and grateful to have been a small part of this amazing Empire from its humble beginnings till the latter days, and to be able to savour such dear memories.  It’s worth its weight in gold !! “
Thanks Linda and Sally too!