Nothing cheap about Bath

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Bath has just been declared the second most expensive destination in the UK. A new survey made this announcement after comparing 30 popular summer destinations in the United Kingdom. The cost of lodging during this summer’s school vacation period of July 24th through September 1st served as the basis of comparison.

IMG_4097The cost per night for visitors to stay in Bath will average GBP 93 this summer. Since that figure represents the most affordable double room, travelers can expect to pay more for a superior room. To ensure pricing fairness, the survey considered only those hotels that are rated three stars or better and that have earned an average TripAdvisor rating of at least average.

Only the Scottish capital of Edinburgh outranked Bath. There, the average hotel room this summer will go for GBP 97 per night. The city’s annually held Festival Fringe bears some of the responsibility for the high prices. Taking place this year from August 2nd through the 26th, the event helped elevate Edinburgh to the most expensive UK destination slot on the survey.

The following table shows the 10 most expensive summer destinations in the UK. The prices shown reflect the average daily rate for each locale’s cheapest available double room (minimum: 3 star hotel) for the time period spanning July 24th through September 1st.

1. Edinburgh GBP 97
2. Bath GBP 93
3. London GBP 92
4. St. Ives GBP 89
5. Oxford GBP 88
6. Inverness GBP 82
7. Brighton GBP 82
8. York GBP 79
9. Portsmouth GBP 73
10. Shanklin GBP 69

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