It’s in the bag – and staying there!

Over 400 more homes will receiving gull and animal proof reusable rubbish bag from Bath & North East Somerset Council in the next phase of a roll out which already covers 1,850 homes close to Bath city centre.

The Council says the aim is to reduce the mess caused by birds and animals when they scavenge for food in normal rubbish sacks. The reusable bags proved very popular– 86% of those residents want to continue to use the bags.

IMG_4028Councillor David Dixon (Lib-Dem, Oldfield), Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said, “We need people to play their part in tackling the gull and animal menace. These reusable rubbish bags will help people to do so. The bags prevent these creatures from ripping open domestic waste and causing litter. Bath & North East Somerset Council is doing everything it can to encourage residents to use these bags.

“Although the Council has no responsibility to control the gull and animal population, we recognise the nuisances they cause so are using all means at our disposal to tackle this nationwide problem starting with helping residents to limit the supply of their food source.”

The streets being covered in the next stage of the rollout are as follows: Argyle Street, Bottom of Wells Road, Edgar Buildings, Henrietta Street, Kingston Buildings, Laura Place, Lorne Road, Old Orchard Street, Pierrepont Place, Raby Place, Sydenham Buildings (Lower Bristol Road), Terrace Walk, Westmoreland Street, and York Street. The total number of bags in operation will be 2,276.

Do you want to know more?

A full list of the streets in Bath that will be receiving a bag is available on the Council website. People can also email or call 01225 39 40 41. The Council Waste Team will also be door knocking to promote awareness from July 25th 2013 and detailing their progress on the ‘Recycle for Bathnes’ Facebook page. The bags will be delivered the day after the door knock.

I also hear a  full summary of what is being done to tackle the problems caused by gulls is available on the Council website.


There is no need to trial these things. Let everyone have one and make sure they are used. A quick telephone call to other towns like Totnes in Devon who already have ensured all residents have such bags will show B&NES they work!

Now sort out your commercial rubbish collections and ensure refuse does not lie about over night. If London can work around the clock to ensure it keeps its streets fit for residents and tourists – so can Bath!

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