Council ‘chiefs’ to meet with Charlie

Charlie Dancey pictured on his Dutch barge Northern Sun
Charlie Dancey pictured on his Dutch barge Northern Sun

Looks like Charlie Dancey – the man who staged a very public protest by parking his Dutch barge on Pulteney Weir for 3 weeks – has made a breakthrough in his ‘fight’ to ‘save’ the old Newark Works. That’s the historic riverside home of  famous crane makers Stothert and Pitt Bath and somewhere Charlie wants given over for the  use of the community.

A posting on his Facebook page describes a trip he made to the Council Connect offices in Manvers Street  ‘to complain that my Formal Complaint had not been responded to in the statutory 15 working days and that I was about to go all “ombudsman” on them.’

He continued: ‘Much scurrying about and the result was a phone call from Louise Madden – the P.A. of Tom McBain (on hols) – head of Property Services – and she has promised to set up a meeting with Cllr. Ben Stevens and Cllr. David Belotti – who are exactly the guys I need to talk to about South Quay.’

Charlie's former Weir protest
Charlie’s former Weir protest

That’s the name of the river bank-side area the old Newark Works occupy.

Charlie said it was ‘major progress. I am beyond thrilled.’

He continued: ‘I’m telling you now, that if that meeting goes ahead we’ll be more than halfway to saving Newark Works.

The old Newark Works
The old Newark Works

We’re going to win this one!’

It’s my understanding that Charlie is also to meet Bath MP, Don Foster, at the end of next week.

Meanwhile Bath and North East Somerset Council have insisted the Newark Works – home to the city’s famous Stothert and Pitt crane company – is included in their plans for the development of Western Riverside.