Bed-time in Bath

river avon
Come see The Herbs!

Bath Parks Department gardeners have been putting the finishing touches to floral displays around the city in time for high summer and – hopefully – high numbers of tourists!

It’s judgement time coming up soon for all those who have entered Bath in Bloom this year and the city itself has a fine record in floral competitions- which you can see recorded on a board at the bottom of the entrance steps into the Parade Gardens – currently full of new flower-filled beds.

 The 'Roll of Honour"
The ‘Roll of Honour”

The main novelty display this year – in this park beside the River Avon – is  the children’s television series The Herbs with Bayleaf the gardener, Parsley the lion and Dill the dog all represented in a riot of colour.

IMG_4097Whether its the work of the Parks Department or a bit of effort put in by individual city businesses, the flowers say welcome to our city in a cheerful and colourful way!