North Parade Bridge lamps restored.

North Parade bridge
North Parade bridge. (click on images to get a bigger visual)

Four historic iron lighting columns on North Parade Bridge have been restored by Bath & North East Somerset Council back to their former glory. Each column is now re-lit for the first time since the 1970s providing an historic touch at a key entrance to a 21st century city.

The cast iron historic bridge was built in 1836 and later clad in stone in 1937. But in the 1990s one of the four lighting stanchions was knocked into the river by a vehicle collision and never replaced.

Now, a partnership of the Council, World Heritage Enhancement Fund, and Bath Preservation Trust has got them all working again on the refurbishment and replacement programme.IMG_3883

Councillor Ben Stevens (Lib-Dem, Widcombe), Cabinet Member for Sustainable Development, said, “It is important that the city refurbishes and restores historical items, like these lighting columns, to ensure there is always a part of our past which continues in our future. The Council is very pleased to have worked with our partners to ensure that North Parade Bridge provides yet another picture postcard for the World Heritage Site.”

Caroline Kay, Bath Preservation Trust, said, “We are delighted that through our partnership with the World Heritage Site Enhancement Fund, and the contribution of a generous anonymous donor, we have been able to see this long-standing gap in the street scene to have been restored and replaced. Details like this are crucial to the public realm of Bath.”