A walk on the wild side!

IMG_3819Spent a very pleasant Saturday walking via Batheaston High Street and along a public footpath that wends its way through St Catherine’s Valley – beside the brook that also bears the saint’s name – and towards St Catherine’s Court.

It is currently a real buttercup valley and full of lush greenery, bleating lambs and aerobatic swallows. A real experience and a living example of how close to open countryside the city of Bath is.IMG_3810

A time to reflect on one reason for avoiding the centre of Bath at the week-end. It is a shame that the city is getting a reputation for being the South West capital for stag and hen parties. People setting out to get drunk as soon as possible and be as outrageous as they can.

See one you have maybe seen them all. A bit like under graduates putting traffic cones on the heads of public statues. They think it’s original. We have seen it done so many times before.

IMG_3813IMG_3817What is really worrying is that the alcohol induced antics are kicking off earlier and earlier. It is ok carrying around inflatable phallus late at night – if that is what turns you on girls – but we are seeing it happening in the afternoon when mums and young kids are around in the streets too.

So who is going to stand up and start saying no thanks. Go somewhere else. Are local businesses really making that much from them? I love the fact this city has lots of young people who add vibrancy and  energy and hopefully enjoy living and being educated here because it is such a great place to call home.

Those who come to ‘enjoy’ their last night/s of pre-marital freedom should go take their drunken antics elsewhere. We don’t want you.